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C&C Technologies C-Nav® is a dynamic GPS Precise Point Positioning system, providing worldwide accuracy of  <0.1 metre
horizontally and 0.2 metre vertically.*  C-Nav’s superior solution is based on Real Time GYPSY® technology developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to provide centimetre-level accuracy for navigation in space and for a range of complex spacecraft manoeuvres.
A technological leap from DGPS
C-Nav does not suffer from the effects of spatial decorrelation found in traditional DGPS systems, nor does it require seeing common GPS satellites.  It solves the problem by solving the cause of the problem – at its source.  C-Nav's positioning is just as accurate in both marine and land environments.  A single RTG subscription service, combined with C-Nav hardware, will provide worldwide positioning capability of 0.1 metre or better.

*At one sigma within adequate INMARSAT and GPS satellite visibility

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C-Nav 3050
Global decimetre level accuracy and fully upgradable to multi constellation and RTK.
C-Nav 2050
Global decimetre level accuracy
C-Nav 1010
Global sub metre level accuracy
C-Nav 1000
12-channel GPS receiver and CDU
control/display unit and QC monitor
C-Nav Network
global system for the distribution of dynamic GPS Precise Point Positioning corrections
MS Windows application intended as a graphical aid to evaluate the performance and reliability of a GPS system.