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Latest News

New DGPS Receiver

C&C Technologies have introduced the new C-Nav 3050 Receiver.
The C-Nav3050 integrated C-Nav/RTK Extend Receiver provides decimeter-level position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime.
Powered by the new Sapphire GNSS Engine, the C-Nav3050 provides 66-channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. It also provides patented interference rejection and anti-jamming capabilities. The C-Nav3050 is fully upgradeable, allowing users to go from a single-frequency receiver, to multi-frequency with a simple software upgrade. The flexibility of the C-Nav3050 will enable you to adapt to any application, and will give you the confidence to get the job done.
Tiny Underwater Gyro
CDL introduces the TOGS - Fibre Optic Gyro System (FOG)
The CDL TOGS (Tiny Optical Gyro System) is a low cost FOG (Fibre Optic Gyro) based North Seeking Compass for use on vessels and Remotely Operated Vehicles. The extremely small size of the TOGS unit allows the system to be used
in many underwater applications where space is at a premium